Do You Have All the Pieces For Municipal / Utility Collections


Let RS2 Solution Solve Your Utility Collection

RS2  can  help you with:

Time - We have dedicated staff to work your cases quickly and efficiently.

Specialized Skills- Government receivables  are a specialized skill. RS2 has  over 13 years of Cost administration for county and municipal governments.

Skip Tracing – RS2 has a dedicated in-house Skip Department that handles every case you place with us. It does not matter if it is 30 days old or nearing the statute of limitations, We skip each case by hand, not batching it out for a computer to look for the  information. It cost more to do it this way but the results are worth it.

Service Account Reps- We have both English and Spanish speaking service account reps who are highly trained to handle your accounts. RS2 differs from other agencies by believing the consumer deserves our respect. RS2 ‘s process creates an income stream for the Utility Department, rather than  a “get what you can” or “first contact resolution” approach to collections.


No Cost to your Municipality

 Oklahoma - No cost to the Municipalities- HB 1800 allows for Oklahoma  Municipalities to pass on the cost of collections to the consumers who did not take care of their financial obligations. Surroundings States may have a similar pass through statute. Others States and Utility Organizations can be on a contingency basis. 

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Privacy Policy


RS2 Solution, LLC is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. The information RS2 Solution, LLC collects is used for internal review, payment processing and for transmission to the creditor on your account, as necessary and as permitted. In addition, the information we collect may be disclosed, only when legally required, at the request of governmental authorities or otherwise to comply with applicable law.

This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained can and will be used for that purpose.